X-mini MAX II Mini Speakers Review

Small, capsule-like in design the X-mini MAX II speakers are both well designed and easy to use. But are they any good? Doug Harman puts them through their paces in their full Best4Reviews test.

Singapore based XM-I’s X-mini MAX II speakers are compact and very easy to use. Connected at the base by magnets for easy transportation and portability, the X-mini’s are reminiscent of the Sony Rolly. Each speaker has a concertina cone top element that houses the micro driver and is released by a slight anticlockwise twist of each speaker’s top.

The speakers have their own on/of switches and a USB connection for both charging and audio connection. A supplied lead splits to connect the two speakers to a single either a USB 2.0 connector and/or a 3.5mm audio jack, which you plug into the device to be listened to.

The all one cable and its USB connector is used to charge the speakers, a full charge takes around 2.5-hours. Helpfully however the X-mini’s arrive fully charged so you get listening straight out of the box.

Bright LEDs on each speaker show the status in playback (blue) if they need charging (a dimly lit blue), they shine bright red when charging and switch back to bright blue again when charged and ready to rock.

Sound Quality
And rock these little speakers certainly do. The speaker’s pack contains the warning “Unbelievably Loud” and given their size, they are certainly that. Sound quality is rather good – if a little tinny – even with the concertina Base Xpansion elements pulled out as far as you get them.

This Base Xpansion system pops open and increases the length the column of air the sound travels along by raising the speaker micro drives, which helps boost base response. But it has to be said, even though it’s not bad, as I’m a bit of a base-loving journo, I found base response disappointing when compared with the otherwise impressive volume overall.

Then again, I might be expecting too much from such svelte speakers, which after all only weigh in at 178g the pair, look very cool indeed and provide much needed volume to your life when on the go.

Good design combined with ease of use and powerful volume, the X-mini MAX II speakers provide a great combination of price, style, volume and portability for loud sound on the move, just don’t expect room shaking base response.