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Doug HarmanDoug Harman
A respected freelance technical journalist and author, Doug has a strong background in all things photographic and more, having published The Digital Photography Handbook and Snap It: A Guide to Using Your Camera Phone and well as hosting his own DVD. He's also a gadget geek and you can't move for cables and wires if you go round his house.

Michael O'ConnellMike O'Connell
What our resident X-Box freak and Mac head doesn't know about gaming and gadgets isn't worth knowing. With a background in design, Mike has an eye for the visuals, so will be putting a variety of laptops, TVs, games and the rest through their paces. Publications to which Mike has contributed include Total Digital Photography and What Digital Camera.

Gavin StokerGavin Stoker
A professional journalist and reviewer for the past 15 years, Gavin has an opinion on everything and is more than happy to share it. His writings can regularly be found in a host of magazines, including Macworld, Computer Active, What Digital Camera and Professional Photographer, among others. A keen music fan, he is also an author of The Rough Guide to Rock, and has written for the likes of Empire and The Radio Times.

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