and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

A statement from Best4Reviews about your data and how we use it.

At we’ve always valued your privacy, from day one we have promised to not send any unwanted emails or spam and always provided an easy way of unsubscribing from the Best4 newsletter.

It’s a principle we still stand by today.

With new laws coming into force that are designed to protect the data and privacy of online users, we’ve decided that the best cause of action is to wipe the slate clean. Many of our registered users haven’t visited the site in years and, truth be told, the way people use the web has changed since we launched.

At the time of writing, we are currently deleting the accounts of users that registered but were never active – these ghost accounts, were most likely created by bots that wanted to post spam but were blocked from doing so. By the time GDPR comes into effect, all users other than those in an administrator or contributor role shall be deleted.

Moving forward this means:

  • Any login details you have will no longer work
  • Any data we held about you has been deleted
  • Any comments you made on any articles will likely disappear or will now be attributed to an anonymous user

In fact, this is a process we began a couple of years ago. We closed the comments sections to our articles, which by then were the only reason for new users registering – so we closed the door to new users too.

While there’s no evidence of ever coming under attack or sustaining a data breach, there are clear advantages for taking this stance from a security point of view. As the platform we’re based on ages, it naturally becomes more susceptible to those that want to do harm and abuse any vulnerability for nefarious reasons. So while the site may be attacked (hopefully not), your data shall not be.

What data did we hold?

If you registered with we would have asked you for:

  • Your first name
  • Your Last name
  • Your email address
  • Your Address (Not mandatory)
  • If you were over 18
  • And if you wanted to subscribe to the Best4Reviews email newsletter

You would have also have been asked to provide a username - or one would have been produced automatically for you.

Why did we ask for this information?

Your Name: Any online presence is made better by being grounded in the real world, by providing your name Best4Reviews could communicate with you in a more human fashion. It also provided a way for any comments made to be associated with a real person.

Your email address: This was used for any site communications, such as password reminders and site status updates. It was also added to a separate database if you subscribed to the Best4Reviews newsletter (see below).

Your Address: In the past, held competitions for its registered users. These were normally in partnership with a manufacturer or other third party and provided a chance to win prizes. If prizes were won, we would use this data to ship it to the winner. Apart from the winner’s details, no data was ever shared with a third party.

If you were over 18: While is a child friendly place, it was always possible that a prize or some future content would not be. This was a very simple declaration that the user was in fact over 18.

Newsletter subscription: used to send out a monthly newsletter with links to news, reviews and competitions. To deliver this to our users, we would ask for permission to do so via a checkbox.  If subscribed, the users name and email address was automatically copied to a database that ran our newsletter. Our emails always included a method of unsubscribing and when we stopped publishing the newsletter, the database was deleted.

So what data do we hold now?

Best4Reviews gathers analytical data that helps us track the way people use the site. This includes which pages they visit, how long for and which pages they go on to view. Like many websites this is a service that is provided though Google Analytics and is activated via a ‘cookie’. Please see our Privacy Policy for information on cookies.

Unlike many websites, Best4Reviews asks a visitor two questions when they arrive to the site, the first being if they consent to receiving Google Analytics cookies and the second being if they’d like us to save that preference permanently. We don’t assume that one means the other.

Hopefully, this article answers any questions you may have but if you do have any concerns please contact us via the contact tab located on the about page. We’ll be happy to help.

Michael, Gavin & Doug