Devolo dLAN 500 AVtriple+ Review

Devolo’s dLAN 500 AVtriple+ kit is arguably the companies most versatile powerline networking kit to date, Best4Reviews gives it a thorough once over in its full test.


Devolo’s dLAN 500 AVtriple+ kit is arguably the companies most versatile powerline networking kit to date, comprising two 500Mbit/s HomePlug adaptors, a data transfer rate that should be easily fast enough to stream high-definition video over your network via the mains power cabling.
What makes the 500AVtriple+ differer from most powerline network kits, however, is one adaptor has a single Gigabit Ethernet connector while its companion has three. The benefit here is it provides the means to attach the single-plug powerline adaptor to your router or NAS drive, say, while the triple ethernet port  adaptor can be attached to a smart TV for example or a Blu-ray player or a Sky HD box and all without having to buy an Ethernet switch.
The adapters themselves each have pass through plug sockets so you don’t loose a power socket when using them. A slight niggle is the fact the adapters projects downwards, towards the floor by around 3in from the wall’s socket and this can prove problematic if plugging them in to sockets just above larger skirting boards or should the sockets themselves be lower down on the wall as is the case in older properties. When the ethernet cables are plugged in, the problem can be even worse for lower wall sockets. 
Set Up
Setup is straightforward. I needed set up and integrate the AVtriple+ kit reviewed here in my home/home office network, a network that already includes four other 500Mbit/s Devolo powerline adapters. This kit went into my new studio and I had to connect it through two fuze boards (one in the house, where the router is also housed and one in the studio itself) and I used the excellent (and free) Devolo dLAN Cockpit software to help set up and integrate the system. It took me more time to take the AVtriple+ kit out of its box than get them all connected and working.
If using them for the first time you simply plug the devices into a mains socket near to where you want to connect a device, wait for them to power on (the on board LED indicators give you information the status, connection status and network availability, and a press of the built-in encryption buttons (there’s one on each adapter) and it automatically secures the network you’ve just created.
When the adapters have detected each other and are secured, you can place them wherever you like in your home or office and they’ll automatically connect to each other again,. which is superb if you want to connect a laptop, say, to the ethernet connection in various rooms.
In terms of the range they are effective over, my studio is about 15m from the house, I could stream and watch HD video from my studio’s Mac (and connected through my Sony PS3’s media server) on my flat TV indoors without any delays or dropped frames. I could do this with my NAS backup running in the background (it runs constantly) and I could do this with a laptop connected and running (on another of my already in place Devolo adapters) music shared via iTunes and with my daughter doing her homework online using an older iMac indoors. 
In short these Devolo’s dLAN 500 AVtriple+ adaptors are easily able to cope with multiple streams of heavy data and easily able to stream video from a NAS or PC bound media server to a HD TV in the home. Using the dLAN Cockpit software, you can check the data rates of the connected adapters and it showed I consistently achieved bit rates of between 250 and 300Mbit/s in my studio, remember the router is indoors, 15m away and the data being sent round my powerline network travels through two fuze boxes too) so I was more than happy.
The Devolo dLAN 500 AVtriple+ has comparable transfer speeds to other 500Mbit/s powerline kits  on the market and is a cinch to set up and start top use, i cannot recommend downloading the dLAN Cockpit software enough as it really helps too.
This kit’s triple Ethernet ports on one of the adapters is very useful and really to help cut down on cable clutter. Although the dLAN 500 AVtriple+ kit is dearer than other powerline adapter kits on the market, the three ethernet ports and the ease of use make it worth the extra expense hence the Editor’s Choice award here.