Movies on the move: The Sony DVP-FX850 Portable DVD Player

Watch 180° DVDs with Sony

DVD players just get smaller and better looking all the time. Trust Sony to up the ante with its latest device... now just watch out for our forthcoming review.

From the press release:

The latest portable DVD player from Sony combines superb picture quality with innovative yet highly practical design. The DVP-FX850 features an eye-pleasing and stylish clamshell case which is easily portable but also robust. The new high resolution screen brings every detail to life and once open the specially articulated hinge lets it move through a full 180 degrees, making this a supremely versatile DVD player that can be set up perfectly just about anywhere.

“Essentially what the DVP-FX850 gives you is freedom,” says Rachel Banin, Home Video Product Manager, Sony UK Limited. “It can go anywhere, you can set it up in seconds, and it has great battery life, so it just keeps on going. It’s perfect for anyone with a footloose lifestyle who loves movies and wants to be able to enjoy them wherever and whenever they choose.”

Every aspect of the DVP-FX850 has been carefully considered, from the twin headphone outputs for easy sharing to the scratch-resistant coating on the 8-inch widescreen display. Even the heart of the system is out of the ordinary – a high performance 12-bit 108MHz video DAC more typical of a full-size domestic DVD player, meaning super-smooth, artefact-free playback. When it comes to audio, powerful, integrated stereo speakers generate clear, detailed audio with plenty of punch to cope with ambient noise.

Then there’s the slimline remote, great at home and ideal for running entertainment for children when you’re in the front passenger seat of the car. Another thing that might well come in handy on long car journeys is the supplied car battery adaptor kit.

Wherever you are there’s a good chance you’ll appreciate the inclusion of a USB port. Plug in a camera or a music player or just a key-ring memory device and you can use the DVP-FX850 to look at digital photos or even listen to MP3s.

The DVP-FX850 is available from July.