Lights! Cameras! Sony iCalendar?

Movie buffs rejoice... Sony unveil new iCalendar updater for latest Blu-ray film releases

In an effort to promote the Blu-ray high definition video technology it, along with other manufacturers, champions, Sony has announced the new Sony iCalendar. This feature can automatically update and keep you informed when the latest Blu-ray films are released across a broad range of studios. But do we really want to be bombarded by more advertising?

From the press release:

Sony iCalendar Updates Film Lovers on Latest Blu-ray Disc Releases.

Movie buffs will never miss the latest Blu-ray Disc releases with the Sony iCalendar, available today online. Automatically updating your online calendar, the free application keeps you up-to-date with the most recent HD Blu-ray Disc films, as they are announced.

The Sony iCalendar incorporates the latest Blu-ray Disc releases across major film studios including Buena Vista, Disney, EIV, Entertainment UK and Fox. Making life easier for fans who are keen to see the latest films in full high definition.

The Sony iCalendar eliminates the need to trawl through movie websites to determine the format that each new film is available in - instead letting you sit back and receive live updates as they happen.

Supported by iCal (Apple), Google Calendar, Windows Calendar (Vista), Outlook 2007, Lotus Notes 6+, Mozilla Sunbird & Lighting and Entourage, the Sony iCalendar is simple to install. For Outlook 2003 users, a free and easy download RemoteCalendars add-on will need to be installed.

To link a calendar to the latest Sony Blu-ray Disc film releases, download the Sony iCalendar.