IFA News 2010: Panasonic Unleash Full HD 3D Technology From Content to Capture and Display.

Panasonic has revealed its Full HD 3D technology at IFA in Berlin, Germany, offering a "fully integrated, end-to-end solution" for the 3D "world" with kit ranging from capture, to storage and display (read 3D camcorders, 3D players and Full HD 3D TVs). Here's the key information from Panasonic on the company's 3D IFA announcements.

Panasonic has presented its new VIERA VT20 3D Plasma TVs with 42- and 46-inch screen sizes, as well as its 42-inch GT20 3D Plasma TV and DMP-BDT300 Full HD 3D Blu-ray player. The new DMP-BDT100 Full HD 3D Blu-ray player, on the other hand, will be making its European debut at IFA. Panasonic’s very latest Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc™ player reproduces powerful 3D movies and delivers simply outstanding images and sound. Many of the advanced image technologies originally cultivated by Panasonic as a result of its many years of experience in Hollywood have even been transferred over to the DMP-BDT100. Nevertheless, consumers will appreciate the DMP-BDT100 not only for its superb picture quality, but also for how incredibly easy it is to operate. In this case, 0.5-second Ultra Fast Booting goes hand in hand so to speak with comfortable, smooth images. 

Plasma technology simply offers so many important advantages for 3D, like cross-talk reduction, crisp & clear high-quality moving pictures, and improved picture quality, even when viewing 2D content. The new range of Full HD 3D(*) capable VIERA Plasma HDTVs and the fully-featured DMP-BDT300 and DMP-BDT100 3D Blu-ray DiscTM players now bring a new era of immersive visual entertainment into consumers’ homes by creating a 3D experience that easily rivals the best that can be seen in cinemas.

Crisp, clear 3D images that set new standards for image quality
In order to offer maximum television enjoyment on the basis of the best possible 3D picture, Panasonic has developed new, faster screen phosphors coupled with its 600Hz sub-field drive technology. These displays output alternating imagery at up to 60 frames per second to each eye. The brain then combines the images and perceives them as 3D. By enhancing the video reproduction capability of PDP, which has full moving picture resolution thanks to 600Hz, the technology enables crisp and clear, high-quality 3D images. 

Since displaying 3D images involves alternate displays of left- and right-eye images, reducing the overlap (cross-talk) between these images is essential to achieving high-quality 3D images. Panasonic’s VT20 and GT20 series use a frame-sequential method that displays images frame by frame very quickly, making use of PDPs’ rapid response times. The use of newly-developed phosphors with short luminescence decay time - one third the time of conventional phosphors - and illumination control technology enables the cross-talk reduction technology to successfully minimize double images. 

The new 3D models that will be on display at IFA will feature 2D-3D Conversion, which means that a special processor inside the TV converts 2D content into 3D. As a result, any content, with the exception of an analog TV signal, can be viewed in 3D. Another new feature called 24p Smooth Film for 3D eliminates typical cinema judder by increasing the number of the original 24 frames. This, in turn, displays motion much more smoothly. 

THX® Certified Display certification even ensures that every Panasonic Full HD 3D TV displays movies with exactly the same quality and color palette intended by the director. In addition, each Full HD 3D Plasma model incorporates a rich set of advanced features, like VIERA CAST, which provides users with access to various online contents, VIERA Link, which allows Panasonic owners to control their VIERA Link-compatible audio and video products with only one remote, and the VIERA Image Viewer, which enables users to easily view pictures, HD movies and listen to music stored on an SD card on their VIERA TV. The new 3D TVs are capable of playing back not only 2D files via SD Card, but also 3D pictures and movies. 

To minimize the impact of its products on the environment, Panasonic has also designed all of its new Full HD 3D plasma panels to offer an effective screen half-life of 100,000 hours, or over 30 years of TV viewing. In addition to this, all models are manufactured without using mercury or lead to cut toxic waste when the television finally does reach the end of its life.

World’s lightest 3D eyewear
The VT20 3D TV line-up includes a wide range of models that are certain to suit the individual tastes of consumers just perfectly. The new 42-inch TX-P42VT20, and 46-inch TX-P46VT20, as well as the award-winning 50-inch TX-P50VT20 and the top-of-the-line 65-inch TX-P65VT20 will all be on display at IFA. While the VT20 series comes with two pairs of high precision Active Shutter Eyewear (TY-EW3D10), 3D glasses will be available for the GT20 series as an optional accessory. In addition to the battery-type universal TY-EW3D10 eyewear, Panasonic will be introducing 3 new models of Active Shutter Eyewear at IFA. In fact, 3 different models of rechargeable 3D eyewear are now available in 3 different sizes as optional accessories (large: TY-EW3D2L, medium: TY-EW3D2M, small: TY-EW3D2S). This eyewear is currently the world’s lightest at approx. 38 g, thanks to the roughly 40% reduction in weight that was achieved by slimming the lens portion and simplifying the structure. The eyewear’s built-in rechargeable battery can be charged using a USB terminal. One charge of approx. 2 hours allows for 30 hours of continuous use. The power can be turned off with a slide switch. The 3D eyewear can also be worn over ordinary prescription glasses quite comfortably.

World’s largest 152-inch full HD 3D Plasma Display
Panasonic will also be presenting the world’s largest 152-inch 4K x 2K definition 3D plasma display that displays images that are often even larger than real life. This not only enhances the unique advantages of PDP, but also contributes towards delivering an overwhelming immersive experience for viewers. The Panasonic 152-inch Full HD 3D PDP creates a true Full HD 3D world by faithfully reproducing 3D content, like Hollywood 3D movies.

Three new Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Home Cinema Systems to choose from
At IFA, Panasonic will also be unveiling SC-BTT755 and SC-BTT350 the two new 5.1 Channel Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Home Cinema Systems and its new SC-BFT800, a slim, wall-mountable Full HD 3D Blu-ray DiscTM Soundbar that also features Full HD 3D Blu-ray DiscTM playback. All three systems are designed to reproduce powerful 3D movies with lifelike sounds to make viewers feel as if they are sitting in a movie theatre. These new Full HD 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema Systems are also equipped with many advanced image technologies, like the PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus and Full HD Upsampling, which have proven to be incredibly popular with Panasonic Blu-ray DiscTM players. These technologies reproduce the ultimate in 3D images, rendering them extremely faithful to the original movies. 3D movie features allow users to experience powerful, dynamic worlds that they have never before encountered, like exciting leaping effects and enhanced depth, lustre and texture. The stylish, slim speaker box of the SC-BTT755 actually even suppresses unwanted acoustic reflections to achieve pure, high-quality sound. Furthermore, SC-BTT755, SC-BTT350 and SC-BFT800 feature great networking capabilities like VIERA CAST and SD Card slot to enjoy camcorder recordings in high definition or stunning photos.

3D content via VIERA CAST with Acetrax 3D Video on Demand
At IFA, Panasonic will also be demonstrating the innovative new Video on Demand download service developed in cooperation with Acetrax that will offer 3D content for commercial sale in 2011. Currently Acetrax provides around 2,000 titles in total. The new service allows for those who own VIERA CAST TVs in UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria to rent or permanently buy blockbuster movies from Hollywood major studios such as Paramount directly from the TV. 

VIERA CAST was launched in Europe in May 2009 and is available on Panasonic’s VT20, V20, GT20, G20, D28 (with the exception of the 19’’ & 22’’ models) and D25 VIERA TVs, as well as many Panasonic Blu-ray DiscTM products(**). 

Depending on the country in which these products are to be operated in, VIERA CAST now offers contents from YouTube, Germany’s largest news and entertainment portal, BILD.de, DailyMotion, QTom, Google Picasa Web Albums, Bloomberg TV (English only), Eurosport, NOVA (Czech), Euronews, ARTE and Twitter, as well as the German news broadcast format ARD-Tagesschau and the video-on-demand service Acetrax. In addition, VIERA CAST also offers free video and voice calls with Skype. New services will be added on an ongoing basis.

High-end Blu-ray player for maximum 3D enjoyment
Panasonic’s DMP-BDT300 Full HD 3D Blu-ray DiscTM player will be putting out stunning, rock-solid, and immersive Full HD 3D imagery to compatible displays at IFA. This player handles a wide variety of audio standards and up converts all standard definition video formats to 1080p. The DMP-BDT300 is capable of playing standard Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and CDs and incorporates all of the features one would expect in a high-end product. Digital still photographs and HD video can also be easily viewed through the player’s SD Memory Card slot.

World’s first 3D consumer camcorder
Finally, Panasonic will also be unveiling the world’s first 3D camcorder for consumers(***) . The HDC-SDT750 camcorder allows anyone to create powerful, true-to-life 3D images by simply attaching a 3D conversion lens that comes with the camcorder. Even without the 3D conversion lens, this innovative camcorder offers many ways to take home video recording to a new level with a wide range of sophisticated features. Incorporating Panasonic’s broadcast technology, the new 3MOS System SDT750 camcorder lets users easily create their own 3D movies, something that previously only professional image producers had been able to do. Combined with a VIERA 3DTV and Blu-ray Disc™ player/recorder, the SDT750 camcorder makes it possible to save precious memories of friends and family in vivid, lifelike 3D images, thereby further expanding the world of 3D enjoyment at home. 

* Panasonic “Full HD 3D” is defined as follows:
- compatible with 1080p 3D signal
- panel has native resolution of 1920x1080p display
- depending upon the model, different 3D signal processing is used 

** Some VIERA CAST services are not available via Blu-ray Disc™ products. 

*** As a consumer camcorder with 3D conversion lens for the AVCHD standard (as of July 28, 2010).