Whack It Review

Got five minutes to kill? Then Whack It might be the choice for you!

Whack It sells itself as being a Desktop Arcade Challenge, While there certainly is an aspect of a challenge and it sits on your desktop I’m not entirely sure what self respecting games arcade would house such a game. Admittedly it has been many a year since I frequented an arcade but I can assure you that even then the games to be had where a lot more advanced than this is. In fact, you’d be more likely to find something like this at a fair ground, so perhaps a more apt name would be Whack It, A Desktop and somewhat frustrating game that is completely rigged run by some strange man whose origin is in some dispute that hasn’t washed for a good couple of months, Challenge. Far catchier, I’m sure you’d agree.

Now on to the review, Whack It is a very simple little game that will kill a few minutes of time for you. It will also bring back childhood memories of playing similar games, such as the famous ‘Whack a Mole’, whilst simultaneously making everybody else in the office gawp at you just as you make a demented looking smile. But you won’t care because at that time you’ll be finding yourself beginning to concentrate on the game at hand and shall be completely unaware of the people sniggering behind your back.

The aim of the game is pretty obvious and is really a case of the name being descriptive. Upon starting you’ll be greeted by nine little buttons each with a face these are either happy, sad or somewhat grumpy looking. Once the game begins they’ll light up and you need hit the little lit up figure as quickly as you can. As the game goes on the frequency of figures lighting up increases making the game harder. Each game will last either 30 seconds or a minute, it really depends on how busy you are.

As far as the game play itself goes that’s pretty well it. The device is, like many of these desktop time assassins, powered by plugging into your computers USB port. It doesn’t matter what type of computer you use as there’s no software to accompany it. If you don’t want to use up a valuable USB port then Whack It also takes batteries, which is quite a nice ability to have for something like this. As this is a very simple game, the interface fits accordingly. There’s a start/stop button on the front along side a little LCD screen which displays your score during gameplay, a speaker hidden underneath provides some very retro in-game electronic sounds and there are a couple of switches alongside this; one switches the game between ‘normal’ and ‘try me’ which is only really used in stores, so you can forget about that one and the other changes the game mode between thirty seconds, one minute and off. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way of turning the sound off which is a shame as it could be rather distracting to others around you.

The game is made from plastic which feels quite durable and the guys behind it have thought this through as it also has some suckers on its feet so that it won’t go flying when some heavy handed player hits it a little to hard. If like me though the thought of yet another USB cable running loose makes your blood run cold then you could do what I’ve done and keep the bottom bit of packaging on as this provides a little area to fold the offending item into and keep things relatively neat. This does mean the suckers do nothing however but personally I’d rather exchange avoiding the risk of hitting the person sitting opposite me with neatness any day.

All in all, this is a rather fun little toy that will offend nobody (apart from the odd mole-man) and would make a nice Christmas stocking filler or secret santa gift for somebody at work. How long it will be played with I’m not sure, if you’re anything like myself I’d imagine once or twice is the answer then once again when re-discovered at the bottom of the desk drawer. Nice harmless fun.