Quick off the wrist...

Wrist top computers help Brit Alps race aces

Two British extreme athletes are to run, climb and glide across the Alps from east to west inside 20 days with the aid Suunto Core ABC wristops in the Red Bull X-Alps race.

These tiny wrist-top computers are to be strapped to Edinburgh based Ulric Jessop and London based Aidan Toase and they are positively bulging with altimeter, barometer and compass kit.

GPS Livetracking technology means you can track their progress too: just watch out for that clllliiiifffffff...

From the press release:

British racers to cross the Alps from east to west in 20 days with Suunto wristops.

Suunto wristop computers are the official partners of the Red Bull X-Alps, and Edinburgh based Ulric Jessop and London based Aidan Toase, will be sporting their Suunto when they start the biggest outdoor race of all time on the 23 July 2007.

Ulric, Adian and 28 other chosen athletes from more than 20 nations will journey across the Alps by foot and paraglider. Racers will start at the Krippenstein in eastern Austria. The winner is the first to complete the 850km westward trek to Monaco.

Each competitor will be equipped with a Suunto ABC (Altimeter, Barometer and Compass) wristop computer fit for such an extreme tour.

Thanks to Suunto, the athletes will be fitted with the lightest and smallest GPS navigation system to secure their direction and inform them of their speed and distance.

Ulric will run, climb, and glide for 20 days and nights with nearly no sleep, and the Suunto will provide crucial and potentially life-saving information. All the athletes can use their Suunto wristop computers to check their heart rate, altitude, vertical speed and weather trends.

They can also secure their direction and GPS position. And, of course, they can check the time, as well as the time left to reach their goal. Competitors can do it all at a glace, without having to stop.

Rigged with Suunto, athletes will maximize their competitive edge by keying into their performance as they push their bodies without overpacing.

Progress on the alpine trek will be affected by weather. Suunto wristop features a barometer, weather trend, and storm alarm which will help athletes plan for dangerous storms well in advance.

The Finnish word, “suunta” means “direction.” The elite pioneer of reliable compasses for more than 70 years, Suunto’s wristop compasses find the correct direction in all situations.

Spectators across the globe can track each athlete’s position at all times, thanks to an elaborate GPS Livetracking Technology. Point your bowsers at: www.suunto.com and www.redbullxalps.com for more information.