Sony Nav-U NV-U92T

Drive your way to Christmas dinner safely this year courtesy of Sony's latest in-car navigation device, the NV-U92T

There's nothing worse than a blazing row with a loved one on Christmas day because you've taken a wrong turn and ended up in a lane full of sheep instead of by a roaring pub fire tucking into your £70-a-head Christmas dinner. Sony is looking to guarantee us a stress free Xmas with its navigation system...

From the press release:

Have a Stress Free Christmas with Sony Nav-U

If you’re visiting family this Christmas, unsure of what to buy your nearest and dearest, or planning a road trip, the NV-U92T is the perfect Christmas gift. The slim and stylish personal navigation unit is packed with the latest technology to satisfy gadget enthusiasts, but simple enough to use for techno-phobes, making journeys over the Christmas period easier and stress free.

The large and bright full colour 4.8inch touch screen clearly displays route information, showing you fuel stations and points of interest to make your journey easier. The screen also enables wide angle viewing for maximum visibility under all driving conditions.

With a Pan-European map, including route coverage of Western Europe, the Nav-U is particularly great for international driving. The model also features a Memory Stick slot for quick, easy addition of new maps and local landmarks.

It’s easy to avoid traffic jams or hold ups with the NV-U92T – the device automatically monitors real-time broadcasts of Traffic Message Channel (TMC)* information and gives you alternative routes where necessary.

Its unique Position Plus technology also gives you accurate, uninterrupted routing even when GPS signals are temporarily compromised – a common occurrence if you are travelling beneath a tunnel, bridge or between tall buildings.

The NV-U92T also comes with a car battery adaptor, USB cable, application data disc and handy soft carry pouch, perfect for taking with you, and the supplied Super Suction Cup allows secure fastening of the cradle to a windscreen or dashboard of any car - particularly good if you are hiring a vehicle abroad.

In January 2008, the NV-U93T is being released. Equally as slick, the new device features added Bluetooth technology, which enables hands-free calling.

The NV-U92T is currently in store and available online. The NV-U93T is available from January 2008.

*TMC service in UK requires the purchase of an additional activation key.