New Mobile Security Solution for Android.

G Data has unveiled its new security "solution" for Android called G Data MobileSecurity. The inexpensive solution will be free to download for users with current and valid licences too. here's the information from G Data.

G Data MobileSecurity: smarter protection for Android

Security solution for smartphones and tablet PCs to be premiered at CeBIT

G Data is unveiling its security solution for Android. G Data MobileSecurity offers optimal protection against malware and fraudulent programs for smartphones and tablet PCs. Features such as integrated authorisation surveillance monitors all apps and prevents unwanted sending of SMS messages or internet browsing. G Data MobileSecurity will be available in April 2011 for £9.99. Current G Data customers with a valid licence will be able to download G Data MobileSecurity for Android for free.
G Data MobileSecurity 2012
The new security solution for any smartphone and tablet PC with an Android operating system offers many comprehensive security features. G Data MobileSecurity provides effective protection and security when using mobile surfing or telephone functions. It includes an easy-to-follow authorisation monitor showing which apps are allowed to initiate calls, send text messages or access the Internet. With G Data MobileSecurity, users can protect their identity and personal, confidential content such as messages, emails and photos against viruses, malware and other spy programs. G Data MobileSecurity will help users take care of their smartphone - before somebody else does.

Key features:
• On-demand checking
• Blacklist monitoring for all apps
• Authorisation monitoring for all installed apps
• Regular updating via Android software updates
Price and availability:
G Data MobileSecurity for Android will be available in April 2011 for £9.99 in the Google Market Place, G Data Online shop and other app stores.
• G Data customers with a valid licence can download the powerful security solution from the G Data website for free as soon as it is available on the market.
System requirements
• All devices compatible with Android 2.0 or higher
• Memory requirement: 300kb