Vonage V-Phone Review

Billed as the “world’s smallest phone” by manufacturer Vonage, the V-Phone can turn any Windows PC into a landline telephone. Best4Reviews tests this tiny, take anywhere telephone.

The V-Phone is bright Orange, presumably so you don’t loose it because it weighs in at just 18-grams and is 78mm x 21.5 mm x 15mm in size, that’s about the size of Apple’s first iPod Shuffle, so the size of a pack chewing gum. It simply plugs into any spare USB port on any PC – you must first remove an orange and silver cap – anywhere in the world and turns it into a telephone.

The device has a 256MB internal memory, a set of head phones that plug into the side and all the software needed to make calls is housed within the V-Phone, so there’s nothing to install on your computer. Inserting the V-Phone into a USB port fires up the software and a “Ready to Call” window appears with a keypad to dial and there’s a contacts and History page for you to dial from should you wish to and to safely store numbers.

You can receive calls as well with an incoming call window that appears showing the caller with Caller ID and you can either choose to answer or ignore the call from soft buttons on the incoming call window.

Monthly tariffs vary but to give you an idea a flat rate Home call tariff cost £7.99 (£5.99 for the first 6-months) for unlimited local and national calls to anywhere within the UK and Ireland, plus you get a month free into the bargain. 

Once signed up on the web site (visit www.vonage.co.uk) you’ll get a specific telephone number for the V-Phone that can go with you wherever you travel to while advanced call features include the ability to make emergency (999 and 112) calls, conference calls, transfer or put calls on hold and there’s a help mode soft button, so that you can quickly get information on the various V-Phone call features. 

All well and good, but I did experience an odd install problem at first but after several attempts the PC finally recognised the V-Phone and once there, things were less problematic.

The V-Phone is an ideal tool for businesspersons, travelers, students, and small businesses wanting to save money on your calls when traveling or abroad. It literally is simple to use and the inexpensive retail price and monthly tariffs all add a nice polish to this tiny telephone. Just watch you don’t loose it.