Christmas' Unwanted Gifts Get a Home.

Unwanted presents? Then the answers here...

If you get one to many pairs of new socks for Christmas then the solution of what to do with them may have just arrived...

From the Press release:

Website Thwarting Christmas Sock Attack!

According to IMC Research, as a nation we are wasting a staggering £4.0 billion on unwanted presents each year, the majority of this being spent around Christmas.

Haven’t we have all been there, not had a clue what to buy for someone? Or, received an unwanted gift and were just too embarrassed to say we didn’t like it?

Well freelance marketer Angie Bent believes she has come up with the answer . . . a free online personal gifts registry where we can list what we would like and just as importantly, what we don’t like. So now we can say goodbye forever to those unwanted socks and fondue sets.

The website click here covers every special occasion including Christmas and is an extremely secure site that kids love to use. Once a list has been created it is simply emailed to friends and family, telling them where to look. The element of surprise is still there for those of us who want to be surprised and for those that can’t wait; you can see what is ‘on its way’.

Angie – from Radlett, Hertfordshire - explained: “The idea came to me after I kept getting the same gifts over and over again and at the same time never knowing what to get my nephew, godchildren, family and friends.”

The British Research Consortium figures state Christmas Day costs approximately £980 per household and we all know unwanted presents end up in the backs of cupboards, taken to the local charity shop, recycled as presents for other people, or sold at a discount on eBay.

Put on the spot and asked what we’d like for Christmas, many of us find it hard to think of something. By using an online gifts registry, then the personal wish list can be added to at any time.

This free and secure website ensures that the personal wish list can be accessed only by those who have been authorised by you. Friends and family tick the gifts they buy, and then it is automatically removed from the list.

So log on now and get your list started at