Skype Customers Get 0207-Number Lifeline

London's 0207 Skype customers have a lifeline from disconnection thanks to Voipfone.

Those London 0207 number Skype customers still wondering what they'll do when they get disconnected on December 20th have been handed a new VoIP phone lifeline...

From the press release:


Domestic and business Skype users in London are still reeling from the announcement that they are being ditched on the 20th December, but now a free rescue package has been put together by a leading UK based VOIP technology company.

A leading VOIP technology company has put together a free rescue package to help the anticipated 10,000 Skype users with London 0207 numbers who have been informed that as of 20th December 2007 they are having their numbers disconnected.

One of the UK’s largest VOIP operators, Voipfone , has announced that they are offering to transfer Skype numbers onto their own network entirely free of charge. Those who take up the offer will also discover that once they have switched over they will pay less than they currently do via Skype.

Colin Duffy is the Chief Executive Officer of Voipfone and he said: “This must be distressing, expensive and inconvenient times for all Skype customers with 0207 numbers. With companies facing mail shots, business cards and stationery that are all having to be scrapped, we are really pleased to be in a position to help”.

He continued, “Our special number porting offer means that not only does the customer get to keep their number, but it also costs less, both to rent it and to make calls using it”. A free-phone rescue helpline has been set up by Voipfone to help Skype customers easily switch over their 0207 numbers; 555-5555 949.

Voipfone has a number of additional functions that are not available via Skype such as call recording and PBX extensions. Voipfone customers also get voicemail and voicemail to email free as standard, in comparison to Skype who charge for these services.

Unlike Skype, Voipfone customers can be assured of the safety and security of their numbers as the company is a founder member of the UK VoIP trade body ITSPA that has around 60 members including BT, Vonage, Orange, Tesco and AOL.

There is an agreement set in place between all ITSPA member companies that customers can move their numbers to other member companies at will – so once people move to Voipfone their number is safe from this ever happening again.

• For further information visit Voipfone