HP claims 'there ain't nothing like a Dame' with chance to WIN original artwork!

Dame Edna creator Barry Humphries fronts new 'what do you have to say?' online art project for Hewlett-Packard

In the States, HP utilised Gwen Stephani shaking her tush to shift their gear... in the UK we get (drum roll) Dame Edna... or at least her alter ego, Barry Humphries, revealing his in a new online art campaign. Lovely! Well it is panto season I suppose... (oh yes it is!)

From the press release:

HP is giving people the chance to personalise their own art through an unprecedented collaboration with the artist Barry Humphries and his superstar alter-ego, Dame Edna Everage.

From January 2008 and as part of its global 'What do you have to say' campaign, HP customers will be able to go online, choose between artwork by Barry Humphries or Dame Edna, and put their own stamp on it, for free.

Increasingly consumers are looking for ways to express their individuality, but often need inspiration. In the digital world and through collaborations like this, HP is giving everyone the chance to combine the talents of others with their own, to create something unique, which they know will fit perfectly with their surroundings.

Visitors to the site will be able to customise two pieces of art, one by Barry Humphries and one by Dame Edna Everage. They can express their own personality and creativity to the artwork by adding different borders, sparkling or glitter effects or even applying special effects to the whole piece. The bespoke piece of art can then be printed and displayed at the creator's home.

"I was very excited to be asked to be part of this since as well as being a comedian I'm also an exhibiting artist," said Barry Humphries, Artist and Creator of Dame Edna Everage. "I love audience participation in my shows and in the world of creative art I fully support any opportunity to get people involved and to inspire them to find their own creative ability."

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