Hey good looking, what's cooking?

Whirlpool Max microwave boasts space saving rounded shape and 'crisp plate' system

Is it a method of cooking a spud in double quick time or a means by which to watch your favourite soap opera? Whirlpool has launched a microwave that in our eyes looks more like a portable TV (Never mind Max microwave, Max Headroom anyone?). But whatever it does, it certainly looks very cool. Not very scientific I know, but don't worry, we'll be reviewing it soon, so bookmark us and check back later...

From the press release:

Whirlpool is helping to ensure your kitchen looks as good as your wardrobe with the launch of its collection of compact Max microwaves.

Colour is big news this summer with the shops full of clothes in a rainbow of shades. Right on trend, Whirlpool's Max microwaves are available in black, silver, and limited edition baby blue and raspberry red to match other fashionable counter top products.

The Max has a revolutionary space saving rounded shape to allow it to slot onto any kitchen surface and even small corners. However, despite giving the impression of a smaller sized microwave, its large 280cm turntable means you can cook and defrost even large items such as joints of meat and pizzas.

Its spacious interior features a unique 'crisp plate' system to enable browning and crisping of things like bacon, chicken and jacket potatoes, without burning. Using little or no additional fat at all, you can even fry an egg in it!

All the microwaves in the range have a jet defrost function which is up to five times faster than conventional microwaves, to help you prepare delicious and healthy food in record time.

The Max range is available from April 2007, exclusively at John Lewis and Waitrose Food and Home stores. The launch price is in the region of £100.

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