You'll always find these in the kitchen, even at parties.

LG reveals it's Christmas range of kitchen appliances.

As if designs on on your room temperature and audio visual equipment were not enough, LG has splashed out again developeding a range of neat kitchen appliances made to make Christmas domestic bliss.

From the press release:

Add a touch of sparkle to your kitchen this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, the countdown is on to find those all important gifts. LG’s stylish line-up of home appliances is endless – a chic array of cooling, cooking and cleaning appliances offer options for everyone, from established families and couples to young cosmopolitans.

With the kitchen increasingly becoming the social hub of the home, domestic appliances are no longer purely functional items - they now play a vital role in interior design. LG’s range of sleek products reflect this, styled to keep with the continued trend of open space living.

LG’s 2007 home appliance Christmas gift guide includes:

Cooling products
Inspired by Ice, Designed with Elegance
Smooth sleek surfaces, hidden hinges, space saving and touch technology are the defining features of LG’s new Icy Elegance range of side-by-side and bottom mount refrigerators. The new premium redesigned range combines elegance with an array of functional features, defining LG refrigerators as the latest in style as well as features.

Tactile elegance and touch sensitivity features throughout the side-by-side models, with sweeping full length, sleek handles and LED digital display panels which monitor and control the temperature from the outside. Ice cold water and crushed or cubed ice are just a button away, with the soft-touch control water and ice dispenser. Consumers also have the option of a soft-touch Homebar which allows easy preparation and serving of cold drinks. Intelligent design has also been applied to the inside, creating a stylish and spacious interior. A door-mounted ice making system increases useable space in the freezer by 10% while improving the convenience and access to the ice container.

Finally, new features ensure that food is stored at an optimal temperature and humidity level, keeping it fresher for longer. The latest antibacterial Bioshield and Biosilver technology insures a clean and clinical storage space. The bottom mount range boasts many of the same design and touch features as the side-by-side range. The main difference is the Homebar, which is replaced by a soft-touch Ice Bar giving instant access to ice without having to open the freezer draw.

Wine cooling
Elegant wine cellars
Designed in a stylish aluminium finish with wooden interior, front glass panel and front-loading shelves, LG’s wine cellars are an elegant addition to the home. With quality, convenience and style in mind, they include an area specially designed for wine glasses to be stored.

LG’s wine cellars protect wine against vibration, light and noise damage. A stable and low 2.0 gal vibration build contributes to preserving the wine’s taste and flavour. Recommended by the London Wine Academy, LG’s wine cellars also have threefold ITO-glass which blocks over 80% of ultraviolet rays, preventing the wine’s quality from deteriorating as a result of light exposure.
Dual temperature controls (GCW161BXG) or a single temperature control (GCW141BXG) allows consumers to preserve both red and white wine at optimum temperatures, keeping it tasting its best.

Cooking with a difference
New additions to LG’s range of WaveDOM, as well as the SolarDOM cooking appliances, will enhance any kitchen with their sleek and space-efficient design, housing a round cavity which improves cooking efficiency and makes cleaning easier.

The WaveDOM microwaves are available in solo, grill and combination in a variety of finishes – classical white, stylish white, black and stainless steel. The new design line will enhance any kitchen worktop with a glass finish, long sleek handles, tilted buttons for easy programming and an improved exterior. For those wanting to create meals in minutes, the WaveDOM grill range is the ultimate cooking appliance for the young professional with little spare time, offering increased cooking by up to 30%. Consumers can choose the optimum cooking setting and select menu options – from reheating to cooking - with just one touch of a button.

The SolarDOM speed oven uses radiant heat and halogen light to quickly transmit energy to food. An internal fan circulates hot air from the heater straight to the food, making cooking time up to 3 times faster than a conventional oven, while using up to 50% less energy. This unique form of cooking keeps food moist, tender and bursting with flavour, delivering the same cooking performance as a conventional oven yet in a fraction of the time. Additionally, the SolarDOM has the option of being built-in.

World’s first Steam Direct Drive range
LG’s new enhanced, large capacity range of washing machines combine striking design withinnovative technology for increased washing performance. The range boasts the biggest drum capacity on the market in a standard size washing machine – 8 KG capacity washing up to 60 more in one wash*. In addition, the new 30cm door opening lets consumers load and wash much larger items - the biggest of family washes can be handled in one cycle, and the giant drum comfortably accommodates a double duvet.

Direct Drive technology means the motor is attached to the centre of the drum, eliminating the belt and pulley. This ensures smoother engine and drum movement, causing less vibrations and noise. The machine is so quiet it can be on during a family meal or when everybody is asleep. LG’s eco-friendly washing machine technology improves washing performance whilst also reducing water and energy consumption. Equipped with a large LCD or LED control panel, the Steam Direct Drive and Direct Drive washing machine enables consumers to view their selected programme, washing cycle progress and the time remaining on the cycle.

In addition, the Steam Direct Drive offers a Refresh programme which uses steam to refresh garments and reduce creases in just 20 minutes. Users hardly need to iron their clothes, if at all in some cases.

Vacuum cleaning
Taking bagless cleaning to a new level
The LG Compressor vacuum cleaner uses a RotaBlade attached to an additional motor which moves from side to side, compacting household dust into solid dust cubes and resulting in four times less dust escaping as the cylinder is emptied** This technology is complemented by a permanent Washable HEPA filter which leaves homes dust and allergy free, making for more hygienic cleaning.

The Compressor is available in three models, Standard (silver), PetCare (red) and AllergyCare (green and white). The PetCare and AlleryCare Compressors feature a built-in 2in1 tool for easy dusting of tricky areas, as well as a TurboCombi Nozzle which allows consumers to move from hard floor to carpet at the flick of a switch. The AllergyCare also features a Bio Tank, which uses Nano-Silver technology to prevent the growth of any bacteria whilst the dust is being held inside the vacuum cleaner. This has resulted in the AllergyCare range receiving the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.

*In comparison with 5KG capacity **In comparison to similar LG bagless vacuum cleaner.