Give your wash a little AquaSteam injection.

No sense getting in a lather with Whirlpool's new AquaSteam washing machine.

Gone are the days where water and some soap were good enough to get your clothes clean; steam is the new water, or rather "AquaSteam" as found in Whirlpools new range of washing machines.

From the press release:

Treat your clothes with Whirlpool’s Steam Technology

Give your clothes the spa treatment with Whirlpool’s revolutionary new AquaSteam washing machine.

The use of steam is becoming an increasingly important part of modern-day culture. It is used for steaming food, to cleanse the skin, so why not try it for washing clothes?

Unlike conventional washing machines, AquaSteam powerfully injects steam into the drum boosting the temperature, which is key to removing tough stains. The high energy content of steam allows it to fill any space quickly and transfer heat efficiently, removing stains and odours and ensuring that your favourite garments stay in tip top condition.

The Sanitisation Option cleans clothes by injecting steam into a dry drum once the washing cycle has ended, killing bacteria. This option can be used even when washing at low temperatures. It’s great for baby clothes or for people with sensitive skin and ensures delicate items come out squeaky clean.

The Refresh Option is perfect for giving your favourite dress a quick face lift. In just 20 minutes, odours such as smoke and cooking vapours are removed from clothes so that they are ready to wear again.

Head of Whirlpool design, Alessandro Finetto says: “Clothes are one of our greatest passions, we invest a lot of time and effort in what we wear, it says a lot about us and our personalities.
The AquaSteam enables us to take the best possible care of our cherished clothes and helps ensure we can take pride in them for years to come”.

Other features include:

• 6th SENSE technology:
Whirlpool’s 6th SENSE technology adjusts the washing cycle according to the load, which saves water and up to 30% of washing time. It also injects the correct amount of steam into the cycle when required.

• Hand-wash function:
The innovative hand-wash function saves you time and energy, whilst achieving the same hand-washed effect.

• The AquaSteam washing machine will be available from October 2007.

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Whirlpool AquaSteam Washing Machine Specifications.

• 6th SENSE technology
• Energy Class A+
• 8kg capacity
• Steam boost option
• Sanitisation option
• Refresh cycle
• Dimensions (Standard): 850 x 595 x 600mm (height x width x depth)