Whirlpool's latest cooker hoods bring an air of sophistication to the kitchen

Whirlpool's 6th Sense cooker hoods claim to monitor air 24/7 to prevent nasty niffs

Whirlpool is looking to bring a touch of glamour to your kitchen with its range of new 6th Sense cooker hoods, so even if you've been cooking up a curry or neglected to empty the bins, you needn't wallow in your own filth...

Here's what Whirlpool has to say:

Whirlpool is launching a collection of new 6th Sense® cooker hoods that combine cutting edge technology with sleek and stylish designs that are guaranteed to compliment any kitchen.
Going way beyond the performance of a traditional cooker hood, these hoods feature Whirlpool’s unique 6th Sense® technology that enables them to monitor the air quality in your kitchen 24/7, helping you to maintain a fresh atmosphere all day long.  Even if you are cooking up an Indian feast or haven’t emptied the bins for a few days your kitchen is still a pleasant place to be.

6th Sense 60cm Glamour hood, AKR 809 MR
The Glamour hood, with its exceptional sleek black full glass panel creates a statement piece in your home. Controlled by touch, this sophisticated hood not only offers ease of use and Whirlpool’s unique 6th Sense® technology, it also features Whirlpool’s EDS³ system that helps to dramatically reduce the noise output. If you are hosting a dinner party it is not only gorgeous to look at, it won’t cause any distractions while you and your guests are eating.

6th Sense 90cm Fusion hood, AKR 891 IX
This stylish mirror glass and stainless steel touch control hood offers 6th Sense® technology and innovative perimeter aspiration features that will satisfy even the most professional chef. Whirlpool perimeter hoods absorb cooking vapours and fumes along the edges of the hood, an innovation that means it’s easier to keep clean and noise levels are kept lower.

6th Sense 90cm cooker hood, AKR 799 IX
The 6th Sense® cooker hood helps to ensure the perfect environment in any kitchen. Taking advantage of the sensors, the hood  not only self-sets to the correct power level to give the best performance whilst cooking even the smelliest of fish, it can also detect pollutants such as smoke so even when you are not cooking it can improve the air quality of the room.
Ray Isted, Head of Training, Whirlpool UK said: “As the popularity of open plan living is continuing to increase, so is the demand for design-led kitchen appliances that not only offer ease of use and maximum performance but also look great. There is growing demand for intuitive cooker hoods that go beyond traditional performance and not only aid the cooking experience but also improve the kitchen environment.”
Further details of the models in 6th Sense cooker hoods collection can be found at www.whirlpool.co.uk or whirlpool.co.uk