Epson Stylus Photo RX685 and RX585 launched today

Two new all-in-one printer, scanner and copiers from Epson

From the press release:

Epson launches two premium quality photo all-in-ones for printing, scanning and copying photos, documents, CDs and DVD faces. The Stylus Photo RX685 and Stylus Photo RX585 are ideal partners for the D-SLR or mega-pixel camera user. They feature Epson Claria Photographic Ink, a high-definition, six-colour dye-based ink, giving better quality photos that last longer1 than those from the photo lab. A new print head mechanism has been designed to deliver fast print speeds and the ‘REALOID’ micro-processor greatly enhances processing power when using the Stylus Photo RX685 or RX585 in stand-alone mode. Both use individual ink cartridges for cost efficient printing, only replace the colour that has been used.

The Stylus Photo RX685 delivers premium quality prints that look better than the lab in just 23 seconds. Draft photo prints in approximately 12 seconds and A4 documents at a speed of up to 40ppm. It has two A4 paper trays for advanced media handling. The first is a cassette style, to protect photo paper from dust, and is positioned at the front of the printer. The second is positioned at the back allowing users to select between different sizes or paper types. An optional ‘Auto Duplexer’ is also available for double-sided printing.

The Stylus Photo RX585 offers premium quality prints that look better than the lab in just 27 seconds, draft photo prints in approximately 12 seconds, and A4 documents at a speed of up to 37ppm.

Both models feature Epson’s Advanced Variable-sized Droplet Technology. With five different droplet sizes the smallest droplet of 1.5pl is used for areas where fine detail is required and bigger droplets where larger blocks of colour are needed. A new high-speed Epson Micro Piezo™ print head mechanism has also been developed to further enhance the print speeds. The new mechanism inside the print head increases the rate at which ink droplets can be ejected from the nozzles resulting in faster print speeds.

When selected, Epson‘s PhotoEnhance technology automatically detects images featuring skin tones, landscapes and skylines and reproduces these with enhanced colour settings to improve the overall tones and contrasts. A new night scene mode improves the quality of darker images. Exclusive to the Epson Stylus Photo RX685 is the option to preview the changes created by PhotoEnhance when in stand-alone mode. Users can then choose to accept the enhancements prior to printing.

The 6.3cm colour LCD preview display allows for easy viewing, cropping, reduction of red-eye and selecting photos without a computer. Both models are compatible with PictBridge and USB DIRECT-PRINT for convenient, stand-alone photo printing. Photos can also be printed directly from a Bluetooth? mobile phone when the optional Bluetooth adapter is attached.

Epson REALOID is a unique, powerful, high-speed processor system used by the Stylus Photo RX685 and RX585 while in stand-alone mode. Increased processing power in stand-alone mode significantly speeds up workflow and reduces the processing time required before printing begins.

The versatility of the Stylus Photo RX685 and RX585 also enables direct printing onto printable CDs or DVDs to customise the look of digital photo albums. Copying is also enhanced with a new CD copy feature. Simply place the CD to be copied onto the scanner face with a blank CD inserted into the CD tray then press copy. This feature is ideal for photographers who need to produce additional copies of a personalized CD quickly. There is no need to access the original layout template from the computer.

From the 1200dpi CIS scanner it is easy to send high-quality digital images direct to memory card, email, pdf or computer file. The Epson Scan 3.1 software offers the latest in scanning functionality including Auto Photo Orientation to analyse the image content. It detects the position of the image and automatically rotates itself. This means that photos don’t have to be carefully laid out on the scanner. Epson Easy Photo Fix™ brings life back to old or faded images with its colour restoration, backlight correction and improved digital dust correction.

Photos printed with Epson Claria Photographic Ink will look better and last longer than those processed at a lab, up to 200 years when stored in an album and 98 years when displayed in a photo frame. It is a high-definition, six-colour, dye-based ink technology and is the ideal partner for the very latest digital-SLR or mega-pixel cameras, offering an extra wide colour gamut and smooth gradations for vivid prints with true-to-life colours.

Julian Maddock, Product Manager at Epson Europe says, “The Epson Stylus Photo RX685 and Stylus Photo RX585 offer everything a photographer would need to print their own photos at home. They are the ideal partners for the latest D-SLR and mega-pixel cameras, ensuring the quality of the printed photos truly reflect the quality that the cameras are capable of producing. The individual ink cartridges mean they are also cost efficient to operate, replace each colour that is used for just €9.99.”

Epson Stylus Photo RX685 and Stylus Photo RX585 key features summary:
•    Photos look better and last longer than the photo lab, up to 200 years1 in an album or 98 years2 when displayed in a photo frame
•    Six-colour Epson Claria Photographic Ink for an extra wide colour gamut and smooth gradations
•    Cost efficient individual ink cartridges priced at just €9.99 – only replace the colour used
•    High-speed Micro Piezo print head: print photos that look better than the lab from the Stylus photo RX685 in just 23 seconds and the Stylus Photo RX585 in 27 seconds
•    Fast processing speeds when in stand-alone mode with Epson ‘REALOID’
•    Automatic image improvement with Epson PhotoEnhance technology
•    Scan high-quality images and documents with an optical scanning resolution of 1200x2400dpi
•    Epson Scan 3.1 software (includes Epson Easy Photo Fix™) for photo editing and bringing old photos back to life
•    View photos before printing on the 6.3cm colour LCD preview display
•    Copy and edit in stand-alone mode
•    Achieve vivid, life-like images with a printing resolution of 5760x1440dpi
•    No need for a computer, print directly from your digital camera memory card, PictBridge digital camera, USB DIRECT PRINT or optional Bluetooth adapter
•    Print or copy CD and DVD faces
•    Creative printing with Epson Easy Photo Print
•    ENERGY STAR compliant to reduce energy wastage

Epson Stylus Photo RX685 additional key features summary:
•    Flexible paper handling – one paper cassette at front, one paper tray at back
•    Print double-sided documents with optional Auto Duplexer
•    Automatic access to CD tray
•    Select and view Epson PhotoEnhance in stand-alone mode