Canon LV7365 Multimedia Projector Review

Canon’s LV range of multimedia projectors gets a boost with the LV7365, a projector as at home, erm, at home, as it is in the office or classroom.

Portable projection from multimedia projectors such as Canon’s LV7365 is no commonplace making the market rather congested. But the 7365 sports some kit normally only found on higher priced models and a brightness level and ease of use ideal for the target markets of the schoolroom, office, or even the home.

However the lack of a HDMI port (for connection to high definition sources such as a Blu-ray player is made up for somewhat by the inclusion of a fast DVI-I 29-pin HDCP compatible digital port that allows you to get the most of the projector’s 720p and 1080i maximum projection resolution (through the HD/Component scan system), so you get digital RGB, video and analogue inputs through the one port.

The projects weighs just 3.3kg and is small enough to take almost anywhere; thankfully it’s very quite too, with all the ports and connections are on a single panel top the rear of the curvaceous little projector and include the aforementioned HDCP port, two Mini D-Sub 15-pin (Component Video via optional cable) port, S-Video in, one RCA input and two stereo audio inputs of a 3.5mm mini-jack and RCA (left and right) ports.

The excellent lens has a manual 1.6x optical zoom provides a short throw making ideal for even cramped projecting spaces and the quick start quick cooling, of around 30-seconds means it can be fired and packed away quickly, there’s an auto power off timer as well that provides a power down range from 30-minutes to 16-hours.

Small mechanical feet can be used to raise the projected imaged image and automatic vertical keystoning helps ensure all sides of the projected image are perpendicular. In terms of image settings, there are five presets (Presentation, Video, Cinema, Standard, sRGB) and easy to use manual settings that allow you to tailor colour balance and the like and an enhanced wall colour correction mode.

Easy to use menus are enhanced with the same icons as found on the neat, wireless remote control so you can control the machine from its top plate button array or the remote with confidence and allows you to get the most from the device. Manual focusing helps get the projected presentation or movie nice and sharp while the on-board speaker provides a respectable 5w output, enough for most office space s where a surround system or other external speaker array is not available.

In terms of projected picture quality, the DVI-I provides the overall best image depending on your source output device of course, but the bright 3000-lumen bulb is enough for most normally lit rooms though the 500:1 contrast ratio may seem a little modest to some. But overall, when you balance the cost and features the LV7365 packs in it’s certainly an excellent piece of kit.

Compact, quite and bright, the LV7365 is an ideal presentation projector that can hold its head up high at home if you want to project images (directly from Canon cameras and camcorders) or movies. Well worth a look.