Philips Takes the Wraps of its 2011 Consumer Lifestyle Range.

A second smaller version of the cinematic 21:9 TV; the addition of passive 3D technology to the extensive new TV range; high-end sound docks with Airplay compatibility; a new range of innovative home theatre products and an update to the hugely successful O’Neil headphones models are among the highlights of the Philips Consumer Lifestyle range for 2011. Here's the key information from Philips.

Cinema 21:9 expands…. and contracts - Plus other highlights from the 2011 Philips product range.
3D:  with a deeper choice
Philips will become one of few manufacturers to offer consumers real choice with regards to 3D TV in 2011 with the launch of two systems Easy 3D and 3D Max. Easy 3D is a passive 3D experience available on the new 7000 range of TVs while 3D Max is a much more powerful version of Philips existing active glasses 3D system and will be available on the new 8000 and 9000 ranges.

Easy 3D uses polarized glasses to work with an advanced 3D polarizing filter built into the set’s screen. Viewers can experience 3D using cheaper, lightweight glasses which allow sharp, flicker-free images free from ghosting.
3D Max is the ultimate 3D experience and works in conjunction with Philips latest version of the Perfect Pixel HD picture processing engine which doubles in power in 2011 to 2 billion pixels per second.
Not only do viewers enjoy bright and super sharp full 1080p resolution images - for both eyes - with wide viewing angles and minimal crosstalk, the increase in processing power also allows Philips Perfect Motion system to work with 3D content to ensure images also remain blur and judder free.
Gamers also get a look-in with the new 2011 range thanks to a new feature which allows  each player to only see their view of the game – and in 3D - on the full screen rather than share half with the other players view.
And to maximise 3D choice, viewers can also watch their entire film collection in 3D thanks to an advanced new sophisticated 2D to 3D conversion system which can deliver superb image depth while making sure that subtitles stay at a fixed point.
Cinema 21:9 x 2
Following on from the hi-end Cinema 21:9 Platinum set – which set a new reference for home viewing as the only truly cinema style TV - Philips will bring 21:9 technology within reach for more people with the introduction of a second smaller and cheaper set. The new 50PFL7596, Cinema 21:9 Gold model is available with a 50” screen and offers a similar specification to Philips new 7000 series TVs: including: LED backlighting, Easy 3D and Pixel Precise HD processing, for superb images without the black bars top or bottom.  
• The 50PFL7596 will be launched in August.

TV’s Get Smart too
As the name suggests, Smart TV is here to offer a concise and useful range of features to turn the humble TV into a fully-fledged and connected media portal. Philips Smart TV system features four components: SimplyShare, Control, NetTV and Program.
Smart TV functionality allows the Philips TV to communicate with Wi-Fi enabled gadgets such as phones, tablets and laptops and display content from multiple sources simultaneously on the TV screen. Viewers can also control the set using ether via the iOS or Android apps or with a wireless keyboard.
Philips Smart TVs also includes the company’s NetTV platform which uses open standards to uniquely offer both tailored services or free access to any site in any part of the web. A new intuitive EPG makes it easier to decide what to watch or if you need pause, the Smart USB Recording system allows simple recording to a USB or external hard drive.
9706 Smart TV Range
For the ultimate viewing experience the new Philips 9000 series includes the latest version of the Perfect Pixel HD processing engine – which now has twice the power being capable of processing over two billion pixels  per second. The range features LED Pro direct dimmable backlighting, the 400 Hz Clear LCD system, 3D Max technology and the new Ambilight Spectra XL functionality – which doubles the number rows of LEDs used in Ambilight for the most accurate and sophisticated performance yet seen.
The 9000 series features a slimline chassis, less than 40mm deep, with an advanced sound system cleverly built into the TV’s stand – which also, again, doubles as the wall mounting bracket.
• Available in 32”, 37”, 40” and 46” versions the 9706 range will be launched in September.
8606 Smart TV Range
For the best of style and performance, look no further than the new 8000 series. The LED edge-lit super slim design – with a high quality glass fascia covering the complete front of the set -  features the new Perfect Pixel HD processing engine, 200Hz performance, 3D Max technology, Ambilight Spectra 2 functionality and the stand mounted sound system.
Available in 40” and 46” versions the 8606 range will be launched in September.
7606 Smart TV Range
The 7000 series offers an unbeatable combination of great performance, design and value with Pixel Precise HD picture processing, 100Hz performance, LED edge-lit backlighting and the Easy 3D passive 3D system. 
Available in 32”, 37”, 42”, 47” and 52” versions the 7606 range will be launched in June.
Docking in style with Airplay connectivity
Philips will seek to capitalise on a hugely successful 2010 with an expanded range of high quality Fidelio sound docks in 2011.
Star billing in the new range goes to the Fidelio SoundSphere (DS9800) which merges the company’s SoundSphere speaker technology with the hi-end quality of the Fidelio sound docks.
The amazing sound quality of the Philips Fidelio SoundSphere docking speakers lies in their unique design. The curved rigid cabinets separately house the tweeters away from the other speaker components leaving them free from vibration and other resonance to create a clear, uncolored sound with an extra wide soundstage.
Philips has also added AirPlay® connectivity, to ensure that the DS9800’s superior sound quality can be delivered from handheld products or streaming models located elsewhere in the home.
• The DS9800 will be available later in the year.
Muse adds more
The Philips GoGear Muse has also been refreshed. It now features a large 3.2” 16:9 touch-screen so the user can watch TV shows and videos without the need to reformat them.
The Muse also has other new features including SafeSound which warns the listener when sound volumes go above safe levels, plus easy sound personalization so the player can deliver the best sound no matter what the listeners preference and LikeMusic which integrates with the SongBird content management App to analyses your favourite music and suggests alternatives you are likely to enjoy.
The latest version of the Muse MP4 player will be launched in July.
Philips and O’Neil head on
One of the undoubted high points of the Philips 2010 was the partnership with sporting, lifestyle brand O’Neil and the introduction of the highly acclaimed, and jointly developed, headphone range.

New for 2011 are two new updated models ‘The Specked’ in-ear model, with 9mm drivers, a tough tangle-free cable and reinforced connectors to provide enhanced strength, and ‘The Stretch’  headband set with deluxe noise isolating soft ear cushions and a stretchable headband is enhanced durability and auto-fit cushioned. Both new models now included fully integrated remote controls and microphones while ‘The Stretch’ comes in a new range of colours.
The new headphones will be launched in May.

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