Philips 21:9 HDTV Goes Platinum and 3D

The remarkable 21:9 "cinema shaped" HDTV from Philips has had a make over with the introduction of the Platinum Edition. The new model adds 3D capability, LED backlight and a new, sleeker design. Here's the key information from Philips...

The cinema shaped TV adds 3D, a larger screen, LED backlight and a new design

London, England – With the launch of the Cinema 21:9 Platinum Edition Philips will deliver an unmatched home movie experience that’s both totally immersive and truly unique.

The 21:9 remains the only TV with a profile that precisely matches the proportions of a real cinema screen. For the new Platinum Edition, Philips have added the most sophisticated full LED direct dimmable scanning backlight, Bright Pro, 400Hz Clear LCD technology to the peerless Perfect Pixel HD processing and Ambilight Spectra 3 system of the original model. The result is a TV that makes both 2D and 3D viewing a simply stunning, immersive experience.
The Platinum Edition also features a larger 58” screen and despite having a feast of tech onboard, Philips has still managed to design a set that’s high on style including a narrow, dark grey, brushed, real aluminium facia, in a slim-line profile of just 71mm. The high quality metal and glass table top stand has also been cleverly designed to double as an easy to install self levelling wall mount bracket.
So what makes viewing movies on this set so special? First, the TV allows movies to be viewed at home as the director intended, filling the screen and without black bars top and bottom or adding distortion to the picture.
Next, the new LED Pro backlight, consisting of an array of over 2000 LEDs divided into individually controllable segments, allows the darkest black and the brightest whites to be displayed in the same image.
Peak whites are further enhanced by the new Bright Pro system which can significantly boost light output in a specific section of the screen while still retaining the dark blacks in others. The overall result is an astonishing contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1 and a peak light output twice as bright as previously possible.
As well as enhancing 2D viewing, the benefits of increased light output become incredibly apparent during 3D viewing. It reduces the problems caused by the 3D glasses blocking light from the TV, and without good light output you can’t get a good image. With the Cinema 21:9 3D images are vibrant and detailed.
Brightness and contrast are not the only things required for a great 2D or 3D picture, the TV also needs to offer a very rapid response. The Cinema 21:9 features Philips 400Hz Clear LCD system which crucially includes a scanning backlight to allow superb blur free motion reproduction for 2D images and also helps to reduce cross-talk when watching 3D – by more precisely matching light output to specific active pixels in the panel.
Low frame rate content such as Blu-ray movies also arrives blur and judder free thanks to the HD Natural Motion system.
Philips’ unique Ambilight system, which projects light from the rear of the TV in a colour and intensity that matches the changing on-screen content, has been further developed for the 21:9. The set features the Spectra 3 version of Ambilight, which not only projects light from the side edges of the TV but the top as well. It also includes new wall adaptive feature which allows viewers to easily optimise the system whatever the colour of wall behind their set.
Also to ensure the best experience when watching 3D, Ambilight has been specially tweaked to ensure it doesn’t flicker when watching though the active 3D glasses.

However, to create the best movie experience it takes more than just great images, Philips is renowned for having some of the best sounding TVs around and the 21:9 is no exception. Two woofers on the rear of the TV provide the deepest bass notes while two forward-firing drivers provide clear voices and precise mid-range detail.
And with ever more people storing their media digitally on computers or hard drives, the 21:9 can stream a wide range of media from anywhere on a network, via its inbuilt Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity. The set also give access to the entire internet via the inbuilt web browser as well as tailored services via Philips Net TV facility.
But sometimes you want to do more than just stream. So how about displaying your entire PC on your TV? There's need to search for content or convert it, just the ability to view and listen to whatever you can see and hear on your computer but on your TV. Philips Wi-Fi Media Connect allows all of this at the touch of a button, so whatever you use your computer for you can now do it wirelessly on the big screen.
• The Cinema 21:9 Platinum edition (58PFL9955) comes complete with a built-in 3D transmitter – 3D glasses are available via the optional PTA03 pack – and will be available in November for an estimated selling price of £3999.