Large Explosion at Foxconn's Apple iPad Production Plant in China

Reports are coming in about a large explosion at the Foxconn production plant in Chengdu, China. The plant that produces Apples ipad 2.


The explosion happened at around 19:00 hours locally and has severely rocked the building which houses the plant responsible for Apple's ipad 2 production. 
At least 10 fire engines and police cars have arrived at the scene and it's as yet unknown how many casualties there have been although two deaths have been reported so far. Apparently a doctor at the scene has already seen 6 or 7 wounded people but the number is expected to rise as there are still quite a few people inside the building. People are being told to stay away from the site as there are fears that there could be another explosion.
While the cause of the explosion is not yet known it has been speculated by a source at that super-light dust could be to blame.
Apples stock has dropped by $2.34 on receipt of the news.