Philips Unveils New Low Power Business Monitors

Philips' new low power 27-inch monitors are designed for businesses looking save money on power consumption without compromising on quality. The new monitor uses PowerSensor technology that uses dual sensors that "watch" for when the user is sitting in front of the screen. When the user steps away, the monitors atomically detects this and drops into the low power mode. How cool is that? Here's the key information from Philips...


New Philips 27” Business Monitor — High Quality,  Low Power Consumption
The new Philips LED monitor with PowerSensor technology combines professional quality with reduced operating costs.
London, June 7, 2011: MMD Monitors & Displays, the company behind Philips monitors worldwide, announces the availability of the new Philips 273P3L Professional LED monitor. The 27-inch monitor meets the highest standards of screen quality and ergonomics. Thanks to Philips’ PowerSensor technology the display helps to effortlessly reduce energy costs by up to 80 percent. This makes the monitor especially attractive for companies and professional screen users such as architects, designers and CAD users.
High contrast and superb colours thanks to LED
White LEDs ensure the consistent brightness and fast startup time of the monitor. These special semiconductor devices are free from mercury content, which allows for eco-friendly recycling and disposal. LEDs enable better dimming control of LCD backlighting, resulting in a high contrast ratio. They also give superior colour reproduction thanks to consistent brightness across the screen.
A large display for efficient working practices
The size of the screen is a further advantage for the professional user: the 27-inch monitor has an effective screen area of 597.6 x 336.15mm (23.5 x 13.2-inches). This means that design professionals can display multiple applications on one screen, where they previously needed two. The well-designed screen area allows documents to be compared side by side, for example.
Ergonomic design and easy connectivity
The special Super Ergo base adds to the highly ergonomic design of the monitor: the height of the base can be adjusted by up to 11 cm and the base can be optimally tailored to suit the user’s preferred sitting position. It pivots to 90 degrees and there is also a tilt and swivel mechanism for an ideal viewing angle. The monitor also has an easy and convenient cable management system: the device is HDMI-ready and receives the relevant high-quality audio and video data signals over a single cable. It offers three USB ports, allowing users to connect several plug and play devices simultaneously, such as memory devices, cameras, external hard drives, web cameras, PDAs, printers, and many other peripherals.
Eco-friendly and economical thanks to LED and PowerSensor
The professional monitor is equipped with Philips’ PowerSensor technology, which automatically dims the screen as soon as the user moves away from it. An infrared sensor recognises when a user is returning to their desk and causes the monitor to switch back to its normal operating mode straight away. The PowerSensor can reduce your energy costs by up to 80 percent whenever a monitor is not in use, which is generally the case during meetings or lunch breaks, for example.
What’s more, LEDs use 40 percent less power than traditional CCFL backlights, have a longer service life and don’t need to be replaced so often — all helping to reduce waste.
The main features at a glance:
 •       27” display — making it easy to work on multiple documents side by side
 •       Unique green features – PowerSensor technology to effortlessly reduce power consumption by up to 80 when a monitor is not in use.
 •       Full HD for optimum screen quality, which is especially important for graphics-intensive applications
 •       SmartImage — this intelligent technology recognises the application being used and adapts the display settings automatically
 •       Ergonomic design for a healthy posture in front of the screen
 •       USB connectivity for peripheral devices
 •       16:9 aspect ratio (the usual ratio is 16:10)
 The Philips 273P3L is now widely available through MMD business partners at a price of £332.50 excluding VAT (£399 including VAT) and can also be bought here: