Amazon Launch Kindle DX

Amazon launch new version of Kindle ebook reader sporting a larger screen amongst other features

Amazon have launched the next generation of its Kindle ebook reader. The DX is a larger version of the present Kindle 2 and sports a 9.7 inch screen, in comparison to the 6 inch screen available on the former model.

The move to a larger screen is seen as a maneuver to provide an easier user experience for reading periodicals such as The New York Times and Washington Post, both of which are planning a subscription service for the device and will undoubtedly want to take advantage of the DX's screen rendering of 16 shades of grey.

The DX has more to it than just a bigger screen though, it also has a full QWERTY keyboard and 3.3GB of storage, which Amazon say is enough to hold 3,500 books. Other features include a built in accelerometer so the display rotates automatically when the DX is turned around, wireless connectivity, PDF reader and the ability to speak the content of the publication out loud.

Unfortunately, the Kindle is still unavailable to those in the UK due to incompatible cell phone network standards.