High Performance HDMI from Sony

The latest set of HDMI connecting cables from Sony are specifically designed to help get the best from todays gaming, HDTV and 3D platforms. Available from 1m to 10m lengths, depending on the model, Sony says these are designed to provide the "ultimate entertainment experience with sparkling Full HD video and sound". Indeed! And here's the key information from Sony...

Ultimate entertainment with new HDMI cables from Sony.

High performance line-up with 3D support and Ethernet.

• New high-speed HDMI cable line-up for enjoying Full HD 1080p Blu-ray Disc™ movies and PlayStation®3 gaming
• Full HD 3D compatible
• Supports all new HDMI features
• Premium quality conductor
• Range of lengths from 1m up to 10m, plus flat cable, swivel connector and Mini connector

The all-new family of high-performance HDMI cables from Sony delivers the ultimate entertainment experience with sparkling Full HD video and sound. You’ll enjoy premium performance and reliability, whether you’re watching movies on Blu-ray Disc™, PlayStation®3 gaming or viewing 3D images captured with your digital camera on TV. They’re also the first cables by Sony to offer full compatibility with the latest features, allowing Ethernet connectivity via HDMI plus other advanced entertainment features.

Available in a range of lengths from 1m up to 10m (depends on model), all new cables let you enjoy Full HD video and multi-channel digital surround sound from a single high-bandwidth cable. Cables are 3D-rated, letting you enjoy spectacular images from compatible sources on your 3D TV. High speed transfer performance also supports extended resolutions up to 4k – that’s four times the resolution of HD 1080 – as used in many state-of-the-art digital cinemas.

Premium performance with any signal source is further ensued by 24K gold plated connectors for extra durability. A new plug design makes it easy to distinguish between upper and lower faces of the connector body, assisting with fumble-free hook-ups.

Every cable offers full support for advanced features included in the latest HDMI features:
- HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC): combines HD video, audio and high-speed data in a single cable. HEC simplifies networking between Internet-capable TVs and other devices with minimised cabling requirements.
Note: Requires HEC-enabled TV and connected device
- Audio Return Channel (ARC): enables ‘upstream’ audio connections (e.g. from TV’s integrated tuner to A/V amplifier), thus simplifying cabling between TV and A/V system.
Note: Requires ARC-enabled TV and connected device
- 3D: supports a wide range of standard 3D formats up to 1080p resolution.
- Quad Full HD resolution, at 3840 x 2160: supports ultra-high resolution – as used in many 3D digital cinema systems.
- Colour spaces: support for extended colour spaces allows reproduction of rich, lifelike colours when displaying images on TV from a digital camera.
- New Mini (type C) connector (DLC-HEM**): allows direct connection between Handycam®, Cyber-shot™, α and Bloggie™ and TV or 3D TV.

DLC-HE**HF premium quality high-speed HDMI cable
This no-compromise cable is the ideal choice for enjoying Full HD (1080p) movies on Blu-ray Disc, PlayStation®3 gaming, 3D images and more. The ‘flat’ cable profile makes the DLC-HE**HF series ideal for connecting a wall-mounted LCD TV or projector where access space is at a premium. Furthermore, the cables feature Oxygen-Free Cooper (OFC) core wire for minimised signal distortion, with twin-layer shielding to reduce EM and RF interference.

DLC-HE**H Horizontal swivel connector HDMI Cable
This versatile cable features a connector body that swivels horizontally. It’s handy for connecting A/V components where space is limited.

DLC-HE**V Vertical swivel connector HDMI Cable
Similar to the DLC-HE**H series, this version features a vertical swivel connector for extra installation flexibility.

DLC-HE**P General purpose HDMI cable
Affordable but fully-featured, the versatile DLC-HE**P series assures superb Full HD video and sound quality from any source.

DLC-HEM** HDMI cable with mini (Type C) connector
Designed to match Handycam®, α or Bloggie™ digital cameras that include an HDMI port, this high-speed cable features a mini (type C) connection at one end. It’s ideal for ‘PC-free’ transmission of Full HD video, audio and 3D images directly from any compatible camcorder or camera to your HD TV or 3D TV.

• The new range of high-speed HDMI cables with Ethernet Channel support by Sony is available now.