Sony VPL-VW60 BRAVIA SXRD HD1080 Home Theatre Projector.

Recreate the cinema experience in your own suburban semi with Sony's home theatre set up

From the press release:

Sony Launches Award Winning VPL-VW60 BRAVIA SXRD™ HD1080 Home Theatre Projector

EISA Award Winning ‘European Video Projector of the year 555-5555
HD1080 Sony SXRD™ technology yields top resolution and superb image quality
Impressive 35,000:1 contrast ratio brings out every detail, ensuring black is really black

The Sony VPL-VW60 uses three new Sony SXRD™ (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) panels, exceptional contrast and sophisticated image-tuning features to re-create the cinematic experience in the home. With its pin-sharp HD1080 picture, noise reduction and colour enhancement carried out by the BRAVIA Engine at its heart, the VPL-VW60 will elevate your Home Theatre setup to a new level. This degree of excellence has already been recognised – the VPL-VW60 has just won an EISA award for the best European Video Projector of the year 555-5555. The EISA jury quoted: The VPL-VW60’s features are impressive; its price is unmissable.

“The amount of HD1080 content is growing fast,” says Jonathan White, head of TV/HV, Sony UK Limited. “The problem for many people is finding something that can really do justice to that level of resolution and that’s easy to use in the home. From this perspective the VPL-VW60 is the ideal solution – it’s compact, it has 2 HDMI™ connectors, it’s easy to set up and it uses this combination of outstanding contrast and SXRD™ to produce a genuinely cinematic viewing experience.”

One of the stand-out features of the VPL-VW60 is its impressive 35,000:1 contrast ratio. This is achieved by a combination of new Sony SXRD™ panels, new optical parts and the Sony Advanced Iris 2 system, where the iris can respond automatically to the overall brightness of each scene, mimicking the human eye itself. Dark scenes are optimised to bring out details normally lost in the shadows, while bright scenes never whiten out.

The VPL-VW60 belongs to the BRAVIA family in more than just name. First, there’s the digital BRAVIA ENGINE, carrying out the complex real-time signal processing that underpins the projector’s superb image quality. Then there’s BRAVIA Theatre Sync technology, which allows the VPL-VW60 to interoperate with other elements of your BRAVIA Home Theatre setup via its twin HDMI connections. This means instead of having to press several buttons on two or more remotes, a single press on just one will get the job done. So getting started can be as simple as pressing Play and selecting the desired video input; conversely it’s just as easy to put the whole setup into Standby with another touch on the remote.

The super-efficient 200W UHP (Ultra-High Pressure) lamp is another key feature of the VPL-VW60. The high wattage lamp delivers brightness rated at 1000 lumens, yielding outstanding colour reproduction and enough light for picture sizes up to 300 inches (7.6m).

Sony SXRD™ technology was originally developed for cinema projection systems, so it’s no accident that it works so well for Home Theatre. Sony invest in a constant improvement in SXRD™ panel technology, ensuring new panels deliver higher contrast ratios and optimized picture quality. It delivers the full 1920 x 1080 resolution demanded HD1080 with cinematic clarity and precision thanks to its super-fine panel micro-architecture. 7 µm pixels spaced just 0.35 µm apart produce an image completely free from the ‘screen door’ pixel grid effect that can undermine other projection systems. Then there’s the 2.5ms response time which means ultra-smooth on-screen action no matter what’s going on. Finally, the triple SXRD™ ‘one panel per colour’ approach to RGB projection yields absolute precision, quite free from colour breaking.

Home Theatre enthusiasts in search of perfection will no doubt be drawn to the electronic panel convergence tuning system allowing users to get the sharpest HD picture quality by fine tuning the red, green and blue elements within 0.1 pixel.

In order to get the absolute best cinematic picture the VPL-VW60 offers Anamorphic Zoom function. This uses sophisticated signal processing of widescreen modes together with an optional third-party anamorphic lens to recreate the immersive 2.35:1 CinemaScope aspect ratio normally only seen in the cinema.

When it comes to compatibility, the VPL-VW60 has the sought-after ability to handle a 1080/24p input. This means it’s fully compatible with original cinematic 24 frames per second content, exactly as captured by the cine camera itself. This mode is now available from Blu-ray Disc™ players and PLAYSTATION™ 3 via an HDMI connection. The VPL-VW60 has two HDMI inputs to ensure there are enough to go around, particularly for more advanced HD Home Theatre setups.

To ensure that every detail is reproduced with the greatest fidelity the VPL-VW60 uses the specially developed All Range Crisp Focus (ARC-F) lens. As well as superlative optical qualities, the lens offers a motorised 1.8x zoom, so the projector can be positioned anywhere from 3m to 5.5m from the screen when using a 100”/2.5m diagonal screen. Motorised vertical lens shift adds even more freedom to where the projector can be placed, making the VPL-VW60 extremely versatile and easy to set up and use.

One last thing worth noting about the VPL-VW60 is something you cannot even see, but it makes a crucial difference to the viewing experience. Thanks to a specially designed Sony fan assembly that runs almost noiselessly on a non-contact spindle, the projector is whisper-quiet, emitting just 22dB when running.