IFA News 2010: Epson Launch New Home Cinema Projectors

Epson's latest range of home cinema projectors launched at IFA in Berlin and to which Best4Reviews had a sneak peek, feature innovative new 3LCD Reflective technology. The new technology is designed to really push the companies home cine projection even further and helps to produce a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 for the EH-R4000 and 500,000:1 for the more living room oriented, EH-R 2000 version. Here's the key information from Epson...

Epson launches new home cinema projectors at IFA 2010
Cutting-edge projectors with new 3LCD Reflective technology for discerning enthusiasts and entry-level models for first-time buyers
Today Epson®, the leading global manufacturer of projection technology, launches two premium home cinema 3LCD projectors featuring Epson’s innovative 3LCD Reflective panel technology, and two high-quality and affordable 1080p projectors for first-time buyers. With dynamic new technologies and enhanced products on show, Epson is using IFA 2010 (Berlin) to underline its dominance in the projector market.
Discerning home cinema enthusiasts will be impressed by the high contrast ratio, the sharpness and the rich colour expression of the ultra-high-quality projectors EH-R4000 and EH-R2000. These projectors showcase Epson’s new 3LCD Reflective panel technology which offers an enhanced cinematic experience. The 3LCD Reflective technology builds on the established 3LCD system, helping Epson achieve new highs in dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 for the EH-R4000 and 500,000:1 for the EH-R2000. This produces deeper blacks and brighter whites while giving richness to the colours, making them lush and lifelike across the spectrum for the ultimate viewing experience.
Newcomers to the home cinema market will also enjoy the new Epson product ranges. Epson also launches the EH-TW3600 and EH-TW3200, two new high-quality, great value projectors for first time buyers looking for the perfect display for gaming, sports and home cinema. The two 1080p projectors deliver smooth, lifelike images with superb brightness and definition. Simple to set up, with a fully adjustable lens and zoom even inexperienced users can enjoy its full benefits directly after purchase, and use it as smart alternative to High Definition television. A big-screen experience, with an image size of up to 300 inches, can also easily be created in any living room by connecting the projectors to set-top boxes, games consoles and DVD/Blu-ray players using the two HDMI inputs.
Alexandre Di Caro, product manager for projectors at Epson, says: “With our two new line-ups we offer exceptional projectors for every level of home cinema enthusiast. Epson projectors are characterised by their high quality, long-life and fantastic picture quality. We continue to set new benchmarks across our range, and the new Epson 3LCD Reflectivepanel technology again proves our position as the leading innovator in projector technology.”
Epson will display the new projectors at the IFA stand (Hall 21, stand 103) from 3 to 8 September 2010. All projectors are available from October.
Key Features
EH-R4000 / EH-R2000
  • Ultra-high-quality picture with high dynamic contrast ratio; 1,000,000:1 (EH-R4000) & 500,000:1 (EH-R2000)
  • Enhanced picture detail with HQV processor
  • Fluid action with frame interpolation
  • Stunning clarity with 1,200 lumens and an equally high white and Colour Light Output (CLO)
  • 5 colour modes to suit all environments and applications
  • Price: £4,999.99 inc VAT (EH-R4000) / £2,999.99 inc VAT (EH-R2000)
EH-TW3600 / EH-TW3200
  • Full HD, 1080p big-screen experience
  • High-quality pictures thank to Epson 3LCD technology
  • Watch in daylight with high colour light output (CLO); 2,000 (EH-TW3600) & 1,800 (EH-TW3200)
  • Deep blacks and crisp whites with high contrast ratio: 50,000:1 (EH-TW3600) & 25,000:1 (EH-TW3200)
  • Price: £1,299.99 inc VAT (EH-TW3600) / £899.99 inc VAT (EH-TW3200)